Hostel & Boarding

Hostel & Boarding

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The Jamiah has its own department of residence in which the external students are arranged to reside. They are provided free lodging and fooding as well as free course books and free treatment to illness. By “Imada-tus-Shaoonut Talaba” they are kept in strict supervision for their character and conduct, and they are given exquisite guidance in their education and training, so that they may be enriched with Islamic good manners and virtues and become an example of the leaders of Islam. The Jamiah provides all the possible opportunities for the development of their educational and cultural potentialities as far as possible. They accomplish many educational, cultural and physical activities under the guidance of the teachers and staff. The Jamiah keeps strict watch on their conduct and also on their Islamic etiquette and manners, and they are not allowed to indulge in political activities or to attach with any organization.


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