Central Library

Central Library

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The library of Jamiah Salafiah has been setup in a double storey building, which covers an area of 470 metres and is situated in the south west corner of Jamiah. This library abounds with more than 60 thousand books of Arabic Urdu, English, Hindi and Persian. It is considered to be one of the most busy and important libraries in the region, which is regularly attended by the scholars of Islamic and government universities besides the students and teachers of Jamiah. The stock of books is constantly increasing.

A library is considered to be the backbone of an educational institutions. Since it has been our main objective from the very beginning to make the work of writing and research effective, we, therefore, gave our full attention to it. The discharged students of Jamiah who are taking higher education in different universities ofSaudi Arabia, have played an important role in this matter. They helped us get the books published inSaudi Arabiawhich were not available in our country. The need of course books was fulfilled by the Indian publishers. The contribution of certain Ulemas and their successors in the expansion of the library is praiseworthy. Personal libraries of Abdul Majid Hariri – a famous writer and theologian of Madanpura and Maulana Abul Qasim (Saif Banarsi) – a famous religious personality of Daranagar are merged with the library of Jamiah. Similarly the learned people of Ghazipur, Jairajpur, Muradabad,Kanpurand Kolkata have donated their collection of books to the library of Jamiah. Thus the library comprises of a big collection of old and new books. More than 100 journals, magazines and newspapers ofIndiaand foreign countries are brought every month. These journals and magazines are preserved after binding at the end of the year. The library of Jamiah has been arranged subject-wise. There is a particular register for the books of each and every subject and the number of such registers reaches up to 90. Seeing the utility of computers the library is being fully computerized and the details of more than 30,000 books have been fed into the computers so far. This task is still going on and is expected to be completed soon. Besides the central library there is yet another library of students association comprising of nearly 6000 books of different languages.

Arrangement and Progress of the Library

  • After the trustees the discharged students of Jamiah who are studying or teaching in different universities ofSaudi Arabiahave greatly contributed to the arrangement and progress of the library.
  • The library was shifted to the new building (present) in July 2001.
  • The number of daily users of the library is nearly 250 to 300.
  • Nearly 3000 new books are added to the library every year.
  • Seeing the demand of the modern age, the library users have been provided with the facility of computers. The list of books is being feed into the computers. Latest software program (Maktaba Shamla) has been installed and scanned copies of unpublished books and many other useful information have been loaded on computers. There are 20 computers in the library for the use of scholars and debaters.
  • Every possible effort is being made to arrange the library according to the need of the modern age. For this cataloguing of books is in progress.
  • Reference books, text books, books of explanation, dictionaries and encyclopedias have been arranged in the library hall for the use of students and researchers.

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