Research, Compilation and Translations

Research, Compilation and Translations

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Seeing the requirement of the time, the Jamiah has constituted an organization for research works. The purpose of its constitution in that the followers of Islam may be made conversant with such purposeful Islamic literatures and compilations by the study of which the youths may realize their responsibilities and perform their duties for the followers of Islam in particular and the society in general. The creative works of the organization furnish them with wide cultural values and awakening for truth, so that they may play their part well to gain the desired effect. Under the guidance of this very organization, the teachers and other learned personnel of the Jamiah accomplish the work of compilation, translation and researches too.

It is worth mentioning that this organization has been successful in presenting 421 creative works so far in which there are compilations, research works and translations also in Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, English and other local languages. There are some research works that are spread over 9 (nine) volumes. This organization is engaged habitually in its efforts and has been able to continue its activity.

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