Seminar & Conferences

Seminar & Conferences

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The Jamiah arranges to send learned persons and preachers to different urban and rural areas of the country in order to make the people aware of religious duties and issues, to awaken in them religious consciousness and to warn them from falling into polytheism and innovation in religion, destructive movements and atheistic outlook.

The Jamiah supplies resources to these preachers and reformers, according to its capacity so that they may perform their duties perfectly well. On the other side, the Jamiah entrusts its teachers with the responsibility of making arrangement for the address of Friday prayer and delivering lessons from Quran and Hadith. Moreover, they are entrusted with the duty of giving lectures and sermons in the general religious gathering organized in the length and breadth of India and specially in Varanasi in relation to different issues.

Seeing the effective working of the Jamiah in the field of invitation to and preaching missionary work, the Jamiah is receiving regular applications for the participation of its teachers in the religious meetings, seminars and conferences held in the nook and corner of the country from time to time. But on certain occasions, the Jamiah becomes helpless to cancel miserably some applications received in this regard.

In Jamiah itself fifteen big conferences, seminars and religious discussions have been conducted on different subjects and topics from 1982 to 2006. Some subjects and topics of them are as follows:

  • Invitation to righteous ways and religious education.
  • Establishment of unity and co-operation between big educational institutions.
  • Throwing light on the life and unforgettable services of Sheikhul Islam Ibn Taimia.
  • Describing the Holy Prophet’s life and character.
  • Islamic journalism of India.
  • Hadith Nabwi and its literary value of the Jamiah.
  • Mutual co-operation between the discharged students of the Jamiah and acquisition of exchange.
  • Arrangement of sitting room and parlour for the authorities of the Jamiah and different institutions of India for the purpose of discussion and exchange of views regarding the possibility of lodging, and reaching at an agreement for the different institutions of Salafiah with special reference to educational syllabus.
  • Remembering the life history of Allama Nawab Siddique Hasan Khan and his ever living works.

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