Aims of the establishment of the Jamia

Aims of the establishment of the Jamia

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The Aims and objectives of the establishment of the Jamiah are as follows:

  1. Teaching of Quran and Hadith on the mode of predecessors of Islam as a basic source of Islamic Shariat and education of Arabic language and literature with other advantageous knowledge.
  2. Collection of virtuous and blessed authors prosperous with cultural values of Islam for the broadcast and publication of Islamic teachings and for the contradiction of the opponents of Islam.
  3. Checking of innovations in religion and customs pertaining to the opposition of religion; ensuring protection to Muslims from adversive movements and misleading views which have acted to end the spirituality and identity of Muslim community.
  4. Development of co-operation and unity in Muslim rank sticking them fast to the Holy Book and the practice of the Holy Prophet and making them join educational movements as well as caravan of the civilized persons in a serious mood.
  5. Establishing mutual co-operation between educational centres and institutions of the Islamic world, helping youths of the disciples and followers of Islam, and infusing in them religious spirit and leading them to the high standards of the constructive principles of Islam.

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