In the Field of Construction

In the Field of Construction

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The main building of the Jamiah has been constructed on the donated land that has an area of about one lac square feet. This land is situated in the south of the city of Varanasi amidst a thickly populated area.

We are thankful to God that He has given every success to the efforts of the people of management in the field of construction, and by His grace, they have crossed the first step of its construction. The details of the construction completed so far in the Jamiah are as follows:

  1.     Rooms 122 Nos.
  2.     Flat 22 Nos.
  3.     Old Central Library Hall (area 40 ´ 35 ft.)
  4.     Darul Hadees Hall (area 40 ´ 40 ft.)
  5.     Jamiah Mosque (capacity to incorporate one thousand people offering Namaz inside the main building).
  6.     The Central Library building – this building is situated in the south-west of the campus of the Jamiah and the piece of land on which this building is constructed has an area of 470 square metre. The building has three floors, the ground floor is used as the Seminar Hall.
  7.     Girls’ school building – it has 4 storeys and an area of 400 square metre.
  8.     Primary school for the boys – it has 5 storeys and an area of 346 square metre.
  9.     Salafiah market building in the market for hire – it has 5 storeys and an area of 579 sq. metre.
  10.     Ummahatul Momineen Girls’ College building – it has 6 storeys and an area of 170 square feet.
  11.     Water tank for water boring and storing of drinking water, it supplies water to one and a half thousand people.
  12.     City Centre Building in the mid of the city on a main road for hire – it has 3 storeys and an area of 250 square metre.
  13.     Residential building in the mohalla of Bajardiha – it has 2 storeys and an area of 150 square metre.
  14.     Almanar Boys’ School building for modern education, this school includes a department of computer training also, and this building has 3 storeys and an area of 400 square metre.


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