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Banaras which is known as Varanasi today is situated in eastern Uttar Pradesh on the bank of the great river, Ganga, and is a renowned and religious city. This city is situated to the east of Delhi at a distance of about 800 km. But it is united with big cities of India by road and air. The population of the city is about one and a half million in which the Muslim population is about 20% of the entire population. Since Varanasi with the Ganga is the famous pilgrimage according to Hindu religion, this city is ever crowded with the Hindu tourists. This city is famous not only for its pictorial beauty but also for the manufacture of handloom silken cloths and it has also got a place for its educational and cultural values. There are a number of centres here for the education of Sanskrit language, Ved and Hindu creed. The famous research scholar of Arabia, Abu Raihan Bairuni has been educated here and edited his world famous book (Ma lil Hind Min Maqula) which includes valuable Hindu views and is regarded as the authentic album of Arabic language.

In the modern age of today also Varanasi has maintained its educational and cultural values. Meetings regarding religion and literature are ever being conducted here by learned persons and research scholars. Besides Jamiah Salafiah, there are three government universities and several faculties in this city, Islamic Centres in the form of private entity or semi-government institutions are also playing their role.

Jamiah Salafiah is situated at a distance of 4 km to the south of the main railway station of this city and at a distance of 28 km from the airport. The renowned Baranas Hindu University is situated at a distance of 5 km. to the south of Jamiah Salafiah and the famous Ganga river flows to the east of the Jamiah at a distance of 2 km.

To the north-east of the city, ‘Sarnath’ is situated which is a famous religious and historical centre of the followers of ancient Buddhist religion. Since there are some chief relics of the founder of the Buddhist religion “Gautama Buddha” at Sarnath, Buddhist tourists are ever attracted to it not only from the length and breadth of India but also neighbouring countries like China, Japan, and Nepal etc.

Route Maps to reach Jamia Salafiah:

1. Varanasi Cant. Railway Station to Jamia Salafiah (3.5 km)

2. Mughal Sarai Railway Station to Jamia Salafiah (17.7 km)

3. Varanasi Airport to Jamia Salafiah (25.2 km)


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